Daejeon International Wine&Spirits Fair
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  • 08. 31(FRI) ~ 09. 02(SUN)

    DCC·Daejeon Trade Exhibition Center, EXPO Hanbit Square


Exhibitor Board

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Event brochure  
Application Form  


The official directory booklet contains all information about participant information and ancillary event programs and is distributed to relevant reporters and key buyers for continuous promotional effects during and after the event. Directory brochures will be distributed by participating companies during the exhibition.

For entry of basic bus sign and pin board

Please indicate the exact name of the company that will be inserted in the pin board (installed at the entrance of the main market) and the main booth sign, which is a requirement for all participating companies. The notation indicates the Korean/English language separately and the logo is not inserted.

Entrance card (bats)

Showroom is accessible only to those with passes issued by the hosting office during the construction and exhibition periods. Therefore, please check the number of people who reside in the showroom and apply.
※: At 10:00 a.m. on August 31, 2018 the participant is checked and distributed at the Organiser's Office on the second floor.