Daejeon International Wine&Spirits Fair
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  • 08. 31(FRI) ~ 09. 02(SUN)

    DCC·Daejeon Trade Exhibition Center, EXPO Hanbit Square



12 Attractions of Daejeon

  • Drinkable herbal tonics

    Yuseong Hot Spring

    +82-42-611-2075 go
  • Walking along the water

    Daechung Lake

    +82-42-930-7204 go
  • Beauty of the graceful old house

    Dongchundang House

    +82-42-608-6572 go
  • Barefoot time stepping the earth

    Gyejoksan Hwangtogil Trail

    +82-42-608-6572 go
  • To find my root

    Ppuri Park

    +82-42-581-4445 go
  • Falling into culture and art

    Daejeon Art&Culture Complex

    +82-42-861-1330 go
  • Secret garden in downtown

    Hanbat Arboretum

    +82-42-270-8452~5 go
  • Science walkway to the future

    EXPO Science Park

    +82-42-869-5114 go
  • True relaxation in nature

    Jangtaesan Mountain Forest

    +82-42-270-7883 go
  • Walk around Daejeon

    Daejeon Dullesan-gil Trail

    +82-42-270-5544 go
  • O World in wonderland

    Daejeon O World

    +82-42-580-4820 go
  • Playground of youth

    Uineungjeongi Cultural Street

    +82-42-252-9556 go